Pre-Christmas Prophecies

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Ancient Israel celebrated Christmas

before it happened.


Have you ever imagined what the ancient Israelites knew about the birth of the Savior? The birth of the Messiah had been prophesied for years, but what did the prophecies say? Here are some questions the Old Testament people could answer about this Narrative story:

  • Why would the shepherds out at night?
  • What animals would witness the birth?
  • How would the wise men know to watch for a star?
  • How would they know to go to Bethlehem?
  • What would it mean to "follow" the star?
  • Why would the wise men bring those specific gifts?

The Old Testament sets the stage, prophesies and foretells the events of that special occasion.

Jewish History and the Old Testament are some of my favorite topics of study. We've created a few videos about the prophesies with which the Ancient Israelites were familiar.

We have a work to do –

Keep the message of Jesus alive in the hearts

of ourselves and our neighbors.

Some of the topics explored in these videos are:

  • He Shall Be Called
  • A Child is Born
  • Bethlehem
  • Wrapped in Swaddling Clothes
  • A New Star Shall Appear
  • Bring Gold and Incense
  • Out of Egypt
  • Called a Nazarene

Each of these videos is about a minute long. They are free to watch and share.

Merry Christmas!


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