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Here are my Christmas Treasures

A Christmas Gift of Knowledge for You!


We have videos of the witnesses of Christ’s Birth to share with you. See below for details. What a wonderful time of year, I love the Christmas spirit.

While I was on my mission we would ask those in the Netherlands why there was a Christmas (or Easter) holiday. I was shocked at how many did not know why. It would literally surprise us when we came across someone who would know the answer was a celebration of Jesus the Christ. As the years have passed I’ve noticed the same trend happening in America.

My sister teaches at a public school in Wisconsin and they are reading ‘The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” She planned a whole lesson for these third graders to talk about the background of the book before they began reading. She asked, “Raise your hand if you have heard of Jesus.” Less than half the class raised their hand. She was happy she got to tell them and sad they didn’t know.

We have a work to do – Keep the message of Jesus alive in the hearts of ourselves and our neighbors.

I asked myself, “What could I give this Christmas to keep his message alive?” I created thirteen short videos about the Witnesses of the Christmas Story to share with you.

There are thirteen videos with a write-up and a picture to go along with each of the thirteen witnesses. You can find activities to go with each at

My wish is that you enjoy them, ponder and come up with your own thoughts and feelings about these specially called witnesses of the Birth of Jesus Christ and keep the message alive in your hearts and the hearts of those you love.

Merry Christmas!

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