How to Study the Scriptures

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About this course

This course it to test out the possible Layouts I can do with Thrive Apprentice and Thrive Architect.


What you’ll learn

(subject to change depending on the class discussion)

  • How to write and pronounce the 22 Hebrew letters
  • Hebrew Vowels and Consonants
  • Combining the letters into words
  • Patterns within the Hebrew language
  • Hebrew word structure
  • Hebrew sentence structure
  • To Read Hebrew words with vowels
  • To Read the Old Testamen

Plus You’ll Learn…

  • Discover twelve of God’s greatest symbols
  • Each day will include symbolism of the letters and words
  • Gain a stronger connection with God the Father
  • Have more confidence
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Course Structure

Lesson בּ: Aleph

Wednesday, January 23rd