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Classes Begin 

September 16th 2019


We believe that students should be taught by their parents,
but understand that we all need help from time to time.
Or there are some subjects or methods that you are still learning.
We are offering six classes this next fall to assist you.

Youth are leaving the church at fast rate. Those millions wanting to stay are longing to know how to use their faith to solve real life problems.

There are two studies that have pushed us to share these classes more abundantly. The first took a pole of the youth ages 18 to 30 asking them about their religious affiliations. About half stated that they had no affiliation, they were no longer interested in what their parents believed. They called this group the "religious nones."1

The second study showed that the millions of youth staying in the church are wanting to know how to use their faith to solve real life (world) problems.2

 The Chartered Course for the Church in Education states, "The youth of the Church are hungry for things of the Spirit… they are not now doubters but inquirers, seekers after truth….These students crave the faith their fathers and mothers have."3

This information coincided with what our students had been asking us, "How can I recognize truth in literature,  history and science?" or "How can I better learn the languages of the spirit and symbolism?" There are answers to these questions - Let us help them find these answers and teach them the skills to continue on their quest for more connection between the spiritual and physical world. This will be our focus this year. 

1- Lipka, Michael. "Millennials increasingly are driving growth of 'nones'" Pew Research Center (May 12, 2015).

2- The Barna Group completed a study on Christian Millennials. They report that, "about one-quarter are practicing Christians." This means there are still "millions of Christian Millennials remain deeply committed and active in their faith." (Barna Group, "5 Reasons Millennials Stay Connected to church." Barna (September 17, 2013))

3- Clark, J. Reuben, "The Charted Course of the Church in Education"

Called to Learn Academy

School Year 2019-20

Fall, 14 weeks, September 16 – December 19
Winter, 14 weeks, January 13 – April 27

Theme: Hebrew Culture



9:00 AM

Math Four

9:00 AM

Christian History

10:30 AM

Biblical Hebrew

10:30 AM


12:00 PM


12:00 PM


  • LITERATURE with Jewish Twist
  • Jewish and Christian History
  • Symbolic Math FOUR: Order of the Earth
  • Hebrew Mathematicians & Scientists
  • SCIENCE: Physics
  • LANGUAGE: Essays & Elocution
  • Beginning Biblical HEBREW
  • Ancient & Modern Israel Geography

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Why Study the Hebrew Culture?

Is it possible for someone to be trustworthy and yet not be trusted?
Yes, if we do not personally know a person, we may not trust him.
The more we know about God the more we can trust him.
When God is Known, He is Trusted!
Here are six reasons to study the Hebrew Culture and Christian History

God's Love

History reveals God’s patience and tenacious love for us.

Admonished to Search

Search implies we are looking for something, what? Meaning! learning the Hebrew Language and Culture teaches us how to find real meaning.

Understand Jesus

The more you understand the Hebrew culture, the more you will understand Jesus. Remember he fulfilled all of the promises made in the Old Testament to the Hebrews.

Strengthen Hope

If God can handle the pain of watching his chosen people chose the ways of the world, to watch them leave. He can truly handle our questions, our doubts and our wayward wanderings.

Inspire and Warn

The Hebrew language presents doctrine in story form. The fascinating biographies inspire and warn us. We get to learn the language, decode the messages.

Moral Principles

Jesus used the same moral principles in his life as he taught to the Jews in the Old Testament as he uses today. He provides morals and how to apply them in our life today.

Here’s what people are saying about the Academy.


homeschool mother

My 10 and 13 yr old boys describe Thom and Tresta's  classes as “awesome” and “very interesting!” They love their classes as they are engaging and taught within the context of the gospel as Tresta brings in concepts of the plan of salvation to tie it all to the gospel and truth. They teach with love and encourage curiosity and questions. 


homeschool mother

I have loved learning the symbolism.  I now see more clearly the hand of the creator in everything; in natures’ biology, astronomy, and botany.  I see his hand in the discovery of advanced learners throughout history.  This class has been an eye-opening and heart opening experience.


homeschool mother

Tresta does not over talk, in-fact she is a fabulous listener. Her purpose is not to give all the answers, but rather teach patterns of learning so you can find your own answers through the Holy Ghost!  Not only are you learning, but she get’s you jazzed about all the daily details through personal revelation in prayer, scripture study.  You are never ridiculed for questions, infant questions are encouraged and celebrated! Tresta truly celebrates the smallest triumphs and teaches you how to accept and rejoice in the blessings you receive. 

Courses Available

Here are the six classes available. 

Symbolic Math, Hebrew and Physics will be taught on Mondays from 9am - 12:30 pm MT

Christian History, Literatures and Language will be taught on Thursdays from 9am - 12:30 pm MT



What is the difference between Greek and Hebrew philosophy and why does it matter to you? This years theme is Jewish & Christian History. As we study the scriptures, classics, poetry and culture of the Jewish people we will discover the influence of Greek philosophy in their writing and thinking. We will study the biographies of Abraham and Erasmus. This class over laps with the History class.

Branches of Literature

  • Prerequisite – Watch The Ten Commandments
  • Biography – Abraham, Erasmus
  • Scripture – Genesis, Abraham, Psalms 23
  • Poetry – Hebrew Poetry within the scriptures
  • Nations – The Chosen
  • Drama – Merchant of Venice 
  • Classic – Ben Hurr
  • Language within Literature: creating notebook portfolios with vocabulary lists and maps


Christian History

What does Greek philosophy have to do with Jewish tradition? How does that fit in with Christianity? We will learn about God’s hand throughout the middle ages and how everything happened to set the stage for a Restoration. We will study the great influencers in Christianity and government and the wars, the why and how. The biographies of Augustine, Erasmus, Minno Simons and Caspar von Ossig will be our character studies.


  • Theology of History, how God created and views the subject
  • Use: timelines, character reports, contrasting, definitions
  • Greek influence – Plato – Christ – Christianity
  • Muslim influence - wars 
  • Characters:  Augustine, Erasmus, Menno Simons, Caspar von Ossig


  • History of the World Christian movement Vol 1 & 2


Symbolic Math with Ray's Practical Arithmetic

Math FOUR focuses on the square, cube, right angles and the four corners and seasons of the Earth. Physics will be involved using solidity and volumes. Algebra will be touched on with equations and proportions. Symbolically we will discuss what it means to be in equality, plus we will study Abraham and Euclid as mathematicians. The students will come up with a project to demonstrate at the end of the semester. 

Symbolic Math

  • Theology of Math, how God created and views the subject
  • Square – solidity, equality, similarity
  • Earth – seasons, directions, winds
  • Mathematics – multiples and equations
  • Principles of the square and the number four
  • Mathematician – Euclid; Abraham;
  • Create a notebook of Math Principles

Ray's Practical Arithmetic

  • Square Roots & Cube Roots
  • Volume measures the capacity an object can hold
  • Process of Conversion
  • Mensuration, the Art of Precision
  • Ratios and Proportions
  • Interest & Discount
  •  Surveying
  • Insurance & Taxes


Science: Physics

On the first day of Creation Christ used Physics and Chemistry to organize the earth out of chaos. This science unit will concentrate on physics, how it is connected to the science of theology. Plus, the characterization of the universal laws that govern matter, movement and forces, space and time and nature. Plus learning the stories of several Scientist. Join us for  learning, experiments and fun.

Books Needed:

  • Exploring Creation with Physical Science 2nd edition
  • Any physics books you own or from library pertaining to the topic of study

Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match your energy to the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”


Language: Writing & Elocution

Do you want to improve your writing and your presentation skills? Join us as we learn the different techniques of essay writing. We will also learn presentation skills and have the opportunity to give a speech and learn about posturing and body language while presenting. 


  • Invention(coming up with ideas - discovery)

  • Arrangement(ordering your ideas - disposition)

  • Elocution(expressing your ideas appropriately - style)


  • The Lost Tools of Writing from Circe (get the workbook)
  • Any book you're reading


Basics in Biblical Hebrew

Do you want to learn to read Hebrew? Then this class is for you. We will use the book Biblical Hebrew as our guide. By the end of the semester you should be able to read the 100 most often used words in the Bible.


  • Get videos on all 22 letters, and a book on the Aleph Bet
  • Learn to speak common phrases
  • Learn how to read the bible in Hebrew


  • A Basic Introduction to Biblical Hebrew, Jo Ann Hackett

Do you want to customize your schedule with just a few of these classes?  Pick your schedule a-la-cart: 

So why would you want to do this?

"In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding,

directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost." ~President Russell M. Nelson

Why 1

Stronger Identity

To really benefit from their education and thrive in our days, your children need to know their identity, I mean really have a strong foundation of 

who and whose they are.

The connection they create with God and their Savior is vital. 

Our method of teaching through the Theology Tree™, provides your son or daughter with the truths that can strengthen their testimony of their Devine nature.

A better connection to God encourages the same for family.

Why 2

Principles for Life

The Barna Group* completed a study showing youth are wanting to know how to use their faith to solve real world problems.

J. Reuben Clark said, "The youth of the Church are hungry for things of the Spirit … they want to know about the fundamentals …  they are not now doubters but inquirers, seekers after truth ... These students crave the faith their fathers and mothers have." 

We have designed our classes to teach students to extract the principles to solve their daily problems.

Why 3

When we know how to think logically and discover principles we can discern the truth in world issues. Confidence is obtained through this knowledge and understanding. It is a skill we teach and encourage  in these classes.

We will also learn the skills and the importance of good communication through writing, articulating and speaking. The doctrine of persuasion will be heavily discussed and practiced. 

Our aim to help build their confidence in helping others along the 

path of righteaouness.

About Your Mentors,
Thom & Tresta

Tresta Neil loves learning new things to discover in the scriptures. Her recent study is finding and understanding symbols in the scriptures. She has been teaching symbolic math for the eight years. She has studied the Hebrew Aleph-bet, culture and language for the past four years. As a college student she took classes on the Old Testament, Rituals and Symbolism, Cultures of the World at Orem Institute. This sparked a great desire to learn more about the Hebrew culture. Science with the UM is one of her recent adventures. She has read the textbook, taken classes from UM teachers and spoken with Dean extensively, she is excited to teach this new way of looking at the earth, there are many spiritual experiences in store when studying earth with the scriptures.

Thom Neil has been studying languages of the world since he was young. He still reads the scriptures each morning in different languages. He also loves and studies the language of the body - nonverbal communication. He has been teaching for fifteen years. He has a passion for language connections in the scriptures. He is currently studying Biblical and Modern Hebrew. He also loves to study middle eastern and American History - knowing and retaining truth is his motto.

Here’s what people are saying

Here are 3 testimonials from student who have taken other classes from Tresta.


Homeschool Mom

Shares her Love for the Subject

The class was so enlightening. I think differently now. I am so grateful to Tresta for loving this subject and sharing her love of it with us. If you're thinking about taking a class, do it! You won't be disappointed!


Mother & Foot Zoner

Freely Sharing

 I am learning so much and so appreciate your time, knowledge and willingness to share so freely. 



It Makes Sense Now

I want you to know how much I have enjoyed these lessons. Symbolism makes so much more sense now. New thoughts and understandings are wonderful. Thank you for all your efforts. 

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

We promise to give our 100% in guiding you on this fantastic journey. We are confident that the material included in this course will more than satisfy your needs as you study the material, and as you ask, ponder and pray over your personal questions.

If at anytime in the first 30 days you feel that your money has not been well spent, we offer you a full refund.

Look at what past students have said

about their learning experience


Pre-school Teacher

I enjoyed the Biblical Tabernacle experience. I didn't know anything about the temple it was not talked about in my family. One thing I learned was how the metals increase as you went through the tabernacle. How they put the blood on the horns to cover them like the atonement covers our sins was my favorite.


New Missionary

The Biblical Tabernacle experience was really cool. I liked learning about the shewbread and the sacrament. I bless the sacrament in our ward in it made me think about Christ more. I'm glad I went her before going to the temple. It helped me understand it better. 


Theater Director

This past year Tresta Neil took us beyond the mark to compelling heights in our education which encapsulated intriguing new insights! I am so grateful for the honest approach she takes with the correct resources. We can't wait to encounter new levels of learning this coming fall with her!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the dates of the 2019-2020 Year?

What books do you Recommend for this Subject?

What are the Days and Class Times?

On a personal note...

"If only I could find someone to let me sit in on their homeschool."

I say to myself every year. I begged mothers, some said yes, most said no. I was able to learn from those that did let me come watch. When my children were older I longed even more for a "sneak peak" or even for someone to hold my hand through teaching them to learn on their own. It was hard!
Do you long for this too? I'm opening up our homeschool. I will be teaching my sons, 16 &12, and my daughter, age 14 six subjects. We will have each of us online using Zoom. We meet every Monday and Thursday. Come join us. You can read and discuss with us or you and your youth can do the work and I'll mentor you through the writing, speaking and discussions. Your choice. I want to make this as easy for you as possible.