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Let's Face It....

It is one thing to know these steps and another to apply it. You won't stay excited about it unless you are plugged in. They have to have an experience with it. I've developed this Learning for Life System to help you stay plugged in

We believe that students should be taught by their parents, but understand that we all need help from time to time. Or there are some subjects that you don't know. We are offering six classes this next fall to assist you. 

Our philosophy is three fold:

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    Families can learn together. So all our classes are priced for the entire family and geared toward the youth (about 10yrs and up?).
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    All learning comes from one source - God and are all connected
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    Implementing patterns helps all learning: "the key pattern for learning" and "the levels of learning" (see below) are implemented in each course

​Live Courses with Thom and Tresta Neil Experience the Connection:

This fall we have six choices of classes:

1. Literature & the Middle Ages 

2. Jewish & Christian History

3. Math Four: Order of the Earth

4: Science: First Day of Creation ~ Physics

5. Biblical Hebrew

6. Writing & Elocution

Look at what others are saying about these courses...

This past year Tresta Neil took us beyond the mark to compelling heights in our education!  We had a class with her or her husband, Thom Neil, every day of the week which encapsulated intriguing new insights!  My children and I especially loved the UM Science class as Tresta enlightened us to the truth of how our world was created and the materials held within.  We understand the creation at a higher level and are so grateful for the honest approach she takes with the correct resources.  We can't wait to encounter new levels of learning this coming fall with her!  

Jenn - Mom

This year Tresta taught me about Science, Symbology, and Triangles in Math. I actually learned how to build a 3D triangle out of paper and a pyramid out of straws which were really fun.  In Symbology, she asked me to do a presentation on Blacksmithing because I love it so much.  I learned a lot more cuz I had to look up a lot of things about Blacksmithing and present it. I really like the symbolism of Blacksmithing that Tresta taught. So I am really grateful to Tresta for giving me that opportunity!

Brigham - 11 yrs. old

I took Tresta Neil's Symbology and Math Three classes last semester, and in the Symbology class I learned a lot about symbols and their meanings, and I also learned the terminology of all the different types of symbols. In the Math Three class, I learned about shapes and their various properties and connotations, I also participated in all sorts of experiments and activities that really helped to prove and show what Tresta was talking about. Tresta is a very good teacher, and her classes are great!  

Bryan - 13 yrs. old

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