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What is Home Reset?

​Home Reset is a system designed to get you organized. So that you can save time and create 

​How does Home Reset Saves you Time? 

​Better Memory

You will lose ​fewer things. Everything will find a home or be homeless. No more forgotten schedules, appointments, or last minute "surprises" in your life.

​More Proactive

​You will learn to plan in a ​creative way. You will have room for all the things you need to do, plus find time for all the things you want to do.

​Learn to Manage

You will become a manager of your home and run it like a boss instead of running like crazy on the hamster wheel. ​You can be on the outside spinning the wheel instead. 

​Less Reactive

You will no longer be shocked that dinner comes everyday. When your family asks, "What's for dinner?" you can calmly and confidently respond ​with the meal plan for ​not only that day ​but the whole week. 

I had several great household systems in place, but ​after meeting Brandi, I learned there were places I could improve to help my system run smoother. Brandi helped me see the whole picture and how ​I could save even more time.​​

 - Tresta Neil

​Brandi Lewis

Giving the Gift of Time to Women Brandi Lewis builds confidence and strengthens families. Through her experience in the United State Air Force and as Transportation Coordinator she discovered the necessity of systems. When she ended her career and stayed home to care for her family she saw the need for a system at home too. During the years she developed a system for household work, meals, schedules and finances, she became certified at Character Counts National Instructor and added family values to her system. Soon her friends were asking her for advice and help with their household chaos. Sharing and teaching her systems led her to building a business around her system ~ Simply Be More. Brandi is the mother of 4 children, step mother to 6 children and wife to Sam Lewis. She continues to follow her own system, help systematize other homes and still has time to take motorcycle trips with her husband.

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