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with nature and God?

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Own your day?

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Come know you desire more freedom...the free time everyone talks about...

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When is it YOUR Turn?

When you take this course you are going to discover you have TIME...

Hey, my name is Brandi and a few years ago ​described me - hungry for ​more time!

I was loaded into the Pennsylvania ambulance….my blood pressure was approaching 200/150 and I was on the verge of having a hypertensive crisis that could lead to a seizure, a heart attack or a stroke.

“What’s going on?” I asked, the paramedic immediately scolded, “Stop talking and close your eyes.”

Confused, I asked, “Why? I don’t feel that bad.” She said, “Honey, that’s how I know you are really sick . . . in my experience nature has an internal medicine to calm the really sick ones.”

“You need to be quiet or ​we could lose you.

I was so confused and shock started to set in . . . "was I on the verge of dying? What would happen to my kids?" I thought. This event ​taught me just how stressed I was. The doctors ​said I needed to de-stress or ​I would end up back in the hospital . . . sure enough . . .

​I had recently found out my husband was living a double life.

​He was living another life while pretending to be in ours. I certainly didn't feel like I could confront him.​ He was a leader in the community and I didn't think anyone would believe me. ​I kept it a secret from everyone but God.

 I knew I needed to leave, but how? when? where? ​I didn't have any answers and was scared. I decided to stay until I had more answers, then - I ended up pregnant.

Through the next three years, it seemed that the month of March had it in for me. Each spring for the next two years I ended up back in the ambulance on a ride to the hospital.

The second ambulance ride started with going into premature labor. I was in the kitchen doing paperwork and suddenly I was in shock standing in a pool of blood. It was clear something was drastically wrong.

After an intensive labor I delivered my still born son, Evan. A piece of me died with him that day and I ​sunk deeper into depression.

In the third ambulance ride, my heart was under the scope. I ended up in the hospital having a barrage of tests to illuminate a small defect ​on a valve that could have been the result of the hole in my heart. "Manage ​your stress, ​your diet, and ​your time,"​ was the doctors orders. The only other alternative was a medication that would worsen my already weak kidneys and possibly death.

While trying so hard to get healthy and strong, I was spent a lot of time taking care of other people, including ​my dad with lung cancer.

​I had 3 active kids all involved in various activities and I was in the center of all the activities. In addition I was working on my own business projects burning the candle at both ends. I was exhausted!

Before I learned about my husband's other life I started a business creating home management strategies to save time in the home.

I had studied everything I could about time management and homemaking tasks.

It made total sense to me that if you planned out all the things that we repetitively do then it should create a surplus of time for the things you wanted to do.

I could get many things done in a short amount of time, After helping my friends, family, and their friends the same thing I thought it was time to build a business around getting more time.

During these years of preparing, my house ran like clockwork, the chores got done, my schedule flowed, and my finances all got paid on time. However, time for my projects and time for myself didn't receive much attention.

I was out of balance, I wasn't getting strong as fast as I needed to. I was putting my own emotional and mental and spiritual needs at the bottom of the list.

That was a problem!

I had not filled up my vessel with the things I needed to maintain balance and have the strength to leave​. What I was currently doing was NOT working!

I was at a decision point. There were no more tears, there were no more pity parties, I was numb and ready to leave. My emotions lay dormant and my rational thinking mind kicked in. I needed to reduce my stress, take back my time, get my life in balance, choose to get a divorce or stay and risk dying young. 

I’m getting a divorce, my baby just died and

I’m going to die if I don’t change NOW!

I needed ​a plan for myself, I had to heal my spirit, my mind, and my body NOW! So, I turned to my Heavenly Father, the temple, prayer, and personal study. I still chose to tell no one. I was still in shock and ashamed.

The first thing I did, was put my emotional, spiritual, and mental needs at the beginning of the day.

Next, I read self-help books and I received more ideas on what I could change. Things started to go a little bit better, my mindset started to improve, and I started to get stronger.

Finally, I turned to the scriptures, the best self-help book! I was led to the two great commandments. I felt I needed to show my love for God by reading the scriptures​.

This time it worked!

​I adjusted my time​, strengthen my relationship with God first thing each morning and started getting stronger, healthier, more ready and things started to happen fast, really FAST!

I was so grateful that I had the systems in place for running my household and schedule while I was going through this emotional hell. After I added putting my spiritual and emotional needs at the beginning of each day I was once again running on a fully inflated wheel, no longer flat and inflated. I was finally strong enough!

​I left my husband, I took the children and ​moved hundreds of miles away to Colorado. I left my business, family, and friend and started from scratch. I know that none of this could have happened if I didn’t have systems in place that ran on their own as I went through all these changes.

That was six years ago. I married a wonderful man with six children, together we implemented these same systems into our blended home. At first it was difficult with all ten children, but over time they all got use to it and once again I have a smooth running home! Now, I have new friends that ask me to help teach them how to make their homes run more like clockwork. 

​I started up my business again and created the Home Reset… a system that - when followed - keeps every room in your house clean all year long with meals, scheduling, and personal development (don't forget this one) running smoothly.

The Home Reset System:

​Makes Life Easier, so you can relax.

Takes what took hours, now can get done in minutes.

​Creates habits, so you can go on autopilot.

Teaches you how to delegate and have even more time.

​Classes Start on March 4th, 2020 so don't miss out on this sale. 

I've sold this class for ​$997.00 for a 6 weeks class.

For you today, I'm selling a 12 week class for


But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what my recent clients are saying about the product....

​"I'm Less Stressed..."

​My health had been worsening the last few years and I realized it was time to do something drastic after waiting so long. I made the decision to downsize (because I didn’t know where to start and it was hard to let go). My parents were “collectors”, of anything and everything, so I became and organized “hoarder”(I was a little bit more selective than my parents). So I had a Home Reset and Pop up Sale which reduced the amount of things I had to manage. I can finally get my car in the garage, which is the first time in my whole adult life. So without Brandi’s help who knows when or IF this would have EVER gotten done. This was the best decision I could have ever made about my “STUFF.” I’m so much happier after making this decision!“

​​Maura O.  //  ​Provo, UT

​"I have more time for my creative Projects"

“Overwhelmed” doesn’t begin to describe my life. Years of putting myself last (because isn’t that what’s expected of us moms?) caused havoc, chaos, frustration, and self-esteem issues. Brandi’s timing with her amazing organizational program not only helps me to “ORCHESTRATE MY DAYS,” give me back my time, feel more in control, but also reclaim ME. Every day is a clean slate, a chance to begin again and take control over my many responsibilities. Being a part of Brandi’s pilot program with all the amazing things she’s taken the time to figure out (so we don’t have to) empowered me to reclaim everything, literally everything! Thanks to what Brandi has taught me. I have faith in myself again and hope for a successful future with my family and reaching ALL of my goals. Thank you Brandi! “

​Laurel M.  //  ​Orem, UT

​"​My health was starting to worsen"

​“I was having a hard time in my life. I was recently divorced. I was overwhelmed as a single mom and I was moving to a new home.  Brandi helped me to get packed up and ready for my move in a timely manner.  What would of taken days she did in hours. I’m so grateful she helped me and I plan to hire her in the future to help me with managing my time."

​​Rachel  //  ​Pleasant Grove, UT

Would you like a systems that run itself keeping your house clean, kids fed, and finances in order? Would you like access to more time?

For less than the cost of 2 therapy sessions you can get access to everything inside of my system. Now, while it would be impossible to show you ALL the benefits of the Home Reset. 

Here's what you’ll experience as soon as you’re on the inside.

  • You will learn how to take back your time
  • we will help you look at your home through new lenses
  • create processes to eliminate excess things that take away your time
  • help you create a system to keep track of it all

I've sold this course for $997.00 and I want to give you a deal.

You are getting 12 live sessions, 6 Q&A’s with me and Tresta. In addition, you’ll receive content that will help you create your own Home Reset Binder.

If all this program did for you was give you 2 more hours a day wouldn't it be worth it?

Guess what? I’m not going to charge you $997.00

I’m giving it to you for $297.


I'm Giving You My Freely Flo Guarantee

You are fully protected. I’m going to take on all the risk, and give you My Freely Flo guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied you can opt out anytime, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

​Brandi Lewis

Act Now! ​

We’re closing the doors soon.

March 4 @ 1pm MST

Imagine what life will be like when you can relax without a bunch of “to do” lists running through your mind.

Imagine having systems in place that run smoothly and simply. 

It doesn’t matter to us if you sign up right now or not. We’ll still be going about our daily business and having more time without regret-whether you join our group or not. You’ll ALWAYS be working harder and spending more time than you really need to if you keep doing what you're doing. Do you agree?

Remember, you will learn how to get back your time, look at your home with new lenses; create habits, so you can go on autopilot, learn how to delegate and have even more time; and help you create a system to keep track of it all.

Some extra bonuses for signing up today:

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    ​A Free ​15 minute ​consultation. ​​Receive personalized help with your ​personal home.
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    ​Access to our "P​urge with Purpose" Facebook ​group. Join the community and support one another in this reset journey.
  3. 3
    ​​One Free Month of "Home Reset Insider" Newsletter. ​​This is a home lesson plans along with recipes, activity ideas, etc. etc. 

The Best Time to Start Getting ​Your Home Reset

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​No time to waste, classes start March 4th, 2020. Get access to this amazing group mentoring program and course. A $997.00 value yours for just $297.  Click below to check out. 



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