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We are pleased to introduce you to the presenters for the Called to Learn of Christ Curriculum Conference, 2018.

Here is the line up of presenters…

Each presenter was asked to shed light on their favorite subject.
We asked them questions about how they teach the gospel and that subject through the lens of the gospel and to offer practical ways to implement it.

The Lost Art of Etiquette and Roles of Men and Women

Etiquette is more than just eating with the appropriate fork, it is an outward expression of an inward respect. Men and Women have individual and divine roles given to us by God. There is real joy in understanding and living these roles. (continue...)

Amy Hansen -
Royal Academy

Everything is Alike Unto the Lord.

The right and wrong alters on which to sacrifice your children.

Get the perspective of an institute teacher on how the youth of today are doing. Find out what are the right and wrong kinds of alters to sacrifice our children on. (continue...) 

Ron Bartholomew -
CES Teacher

Making Spiritual Connections by Seeking Principles

Did you know that dividing knowledge into subjects are a relatively new invention? And that all truth is connected? When you look at academics through a gospel principle-based lens, it changes everything! (continue...) 

Molly Christensen - Mentoring Your Kids

A Lost Art: Why (and how) to replace fear with faith

Life can be scary! So many decisions, so many challenges. What if you fail? What if you don't get what you need, to do all you were put here to do? What if everything goes wrong? Managing fear can be a daily battle. (continue...)

Creating a Spiritual Environment where Genius is Developed

Learn the principles of leadership and how Angela creates an environment of learning and where genius can be developed. Education is not just about passing the tests to get into college. God’s education is so much more encompassing. 

Angela Baker -

We are Responsible for Our Children’s Education

The government enjoys being in control of our children’s education. They slowly ease their way into our educational system until they take over all learning. There are things we can do to remain in control. (continue...)

JaKell Sullivan -
Homeschool Advocate

Raising Your Children with a Celestial Education

Learn what Celestial Education is and why it is important to raise our children with it. Celestial Education can be used with any curriculum, it is a way of how you approach and what you focus on.  (continue...)

Michelle Stone -
Celestial Education

Restoration Education and History

Our current education has separated religion from academic subjects. This is a Godless view of the world and leads to confusion, depression and apostate attitudes. 

Through the Restoration, God has given us much new restored information and (continue...)

Brent & Kolleen DeGraff -
Liahona Academy

Coming to Christ Through Literature

Learn a unique way to teach the language of the scriptures to your children. Come learn from several Literature pieces and how they help children become Christlike.

Karen Arnesen -
Literature Teacher

Divine Patterns in Education

Heavenly Father’s plan of progression allows His children to learn “line upon line and precept upon precept”. Faith, repentance, covenants, and the Holy Ghost are critical elements in this plan. These elements can also be applied to education. (continue...)

Tammy Hulse -
Curriculum Writer

How to Create a Principle-Centered Homeschool

When Joseph Smith was asked how he was able to lead so many orderly people he replied, “I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves.” We are constantly counseled by our leaders to focus more intently on understanding and living true principles but this skill is virtually lost in today’s world.

Audrey Rindlisbacher - Mission Driven Mom

Mothers Who Know: Practical Application of Prophetic Direction in Education

Enjoy an enlightening overview of the Lord’s direction regarding education, drawn from D&C 88: 78-80 and a thoughtful exploration of statements given by prophets, (continue...)

Diann Jeppson -
Ensign Peak Academy

We Can Become More Like Christ by Studying People in History

I would like to talk about four people, both positive and negative, and how learning about their lives and the circumstances that they lived in either brought them to or away from Christ;  (continue...)

Mary Ann Johnson - Becoming a Present Parent

Sunday, the Perfect day to establish a House of Learning

A Wise Hearted Education- Establishing a House of Learning

Sunday is the door to the week. Here are some Ideas to implement while Learning on Sunday:


Donna Goff -
Wise-hearted Education

Geography, the Setting of Christ's Story

Matthew Fontaine Maury was an American Christian geographer, astronomer, and the father of oceanography defined geography as “a description of the surface of the earth, and its inhabitants.”


Nannette Wiggins - Curriculum Writer

Music to the Ear, a talent for all

Janeen has loved music since she was very little. All growing up she was told she had a special talent that would bless the world. As she had children she wrote for them and the world. Soon she realized that each of her children had special talents too,


Janeen Brady -
Music Writer

A Full Literature Course Each Year

Learning Literature brings you closer to Christ and increases your love for your family and for freedom. I will teach you how I teach literature each year. I choose the book I want them to learn first. Each year we’ll learn a Shakespeare, a Classic, 

Belinda Ballentyne - Homeschool Teacher

Intrinsic Values for Effective Education

How to incorporate five basic principles of learning, called “Intrinsic Values.” Focusing on a learning a value while learning the academics. They are summarized as follows:

Glenn Kimber -
Kimber Academy

Our Family Culture 

“Men’s souls conform to the society in which they live,” said Hyrum Smith. Our family culture shapes our children. Godly-Education has been restored. Come learn how we can strengthen our family culture, understand the  history of education, overcome our enemy and build Zion. (continue...)

Joyce Kinmont  -

Start with the Scriptures First

(Archive from 1998)

LuJean, who was already a very inspiring lady, has been serving as a worker in the Salt Lake Temple and has gained new insight to share with us this year. She says the temple is the pattern we should follow in making our homes a place where our children can be taught from on high. (continue...)

LuJean Livingston - Homeschool Mentor

Learning Languages with Christ

Traveling the World has its benefits. None of us knew French when we arrived in France. We had already learned other languages and thought we could do it, but it turned out to be harder than we anticipated. Come and learn what we discovered and tips to help you learn languages faster.


Amber Semerau - Homeschool Linguist 

General Conference & Homeschooling

A friend of mine came to me last year and said, “Why don’t you do a conference about using general conference in your home?” “That is a wonderful idea.” I said and asked her to present on that. She shared with me how her families uses it instead. I have spent the last three months reading through the conference issue (continue...)

Thom & Tresta Neil -
Called to Learn

Hebraic Approach to Education

When we education in the Lord’s way we learn through experiences and seeking for answers. The Greek method of teaching is walk behind me and pick up the pieces of knowledge I leave with you and you will be blessed. The Hebrew method is to walk beside you and guide you to the answers you seek.


Patti Landes - Experius Academy


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