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We have compiled this list of LDS academic learning resources for you to bridge the perceived gap between the Gospel and Academics.

Academic Learning
to Bridge the Gap between the Gospel and Academics

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~ BYU Speeches
~ Mormon Channel
~ Joseph Smith Foundation

LDS YouTube “How To” - the NEW LDS YouTube station with good content with its own search engine - its awesome!

Secular and Spiritual Learning - learn through lens of the gospel —

Excellence in Academics and my understanding of God reinforce each other rather than contradict each other —

A List of Videos on —
List of all films made by LDS church — List_of_films_of_The_Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_Latter- day_Saints
List of cinemas created about the LDS church —
List of Latter-day Saints in Art, Business, Music, Sports, etc. —
Movies by Latter-day Saints —

Math games for parents to teach children — Math Games For Kids: How to Play the Arithmetic Game

Parent to help children read —

Using the scientific method to discover truths  —
Mountain Climbing analogy with Youth —
Chemistry and other fun projects with the family —
Scientist and the Gospel seeing through two lenses —
Current bush - correction - "I'm the gardener here" —
God's hand in my life — remember?category=youth-curriculum/january-the- godhead&lang=eng
Rip Tides

Native American stories —
Military Devotional Videos —
Chaplain Training (journey to becoming) —
Hebrew Traditions —
Reformation - scriptural illiteracy today —
Enemy Territory —

Fig tree and second coming —
Second coming and bride groom —
Total Obedience - Arabian Horse training —
LDS Symbols (division) —
LDS Symbols —
Serpents —

Ugly duckling —
Pictures to teach a lesson (prayer) —

Easy way to learn the Ten Commandments — 10 Commandments Memorization Trick |
Hope Works seminar (fantastic) —
Knowing who we are - making gospel relevant —
Trick Roping —

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