Called to Learn of Christ 

Curriculum Conference

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Ensign Peak Academy

An online private middle and high school serving the LDS community, now accepting students in grades 7-12, for the 2018-19 school year.

Gospel Driven
family resources

Announcing: Monthly Access to Dozens of Videos and Hundreds of Audios for only $10/month during the Called to Learn of Christ Curriculum Conference.

86% of those who feel the calling to homeschool quit in the first three years!

American Heritage Worldwide

American Heritage School and Family Education Center is rooted in principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The school's vision is to help families and children worldwide to maximize their divine potential. American Heritage School launched worldwide Home and Distance Education program called American-Heritage Worldwide in 2011 Supplying families with resources and supplies to aid in their home learning. It now serves families in all 50 states and approximately 40 countries around the world.


Announcing:  Online Parenting Mastery. Learn how to strengthen your marriage, build stronger relationships with all family members, and discover the power within yourself to unify your family.

Teaching Self-Government frees families from emotional bondage by inspiring parents to create family environments centered around calm, self-governed and unified relationships; thereby empowering these families to be a great impact for good in the world.

Experius International Academy

Experius International Academy is a K-12 Private School based on the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As our school expands to more cities in the United States, and countries in North and South America, Africa, and Europe, we have chosen a name for the Academy that accurately reflects our international reach. The name also describes our learning model – learning by experience. We are part of a larger organization – World Prime – which stands for “Promoting Religion Integrated Moral Education”. We are proud to be a part of this movement and invite you to become a part of it, too.

Gospel Directed Learning Center

Announcing: LDS Online Classes: Symbology (Math), Hebrew, Science (UM) and more available this Fall.

“Families that learn together return together.” There is a lot more discussion in families when they learn together which leads to better understanding and retention. Come learn together.

Becoming a
Present Parent

Announcing:  a FREE Chapter
Mary Ann’s Book List as mentioned in her presentation:
Can be found here. There are also other giveaways, including the Booklist and the Spark Station Packet, found on this page.

Hearthstone Education Plan

The Hearthstone Education Plan has been developed as a home education guide for families by HomeMakers for America. It is a resource for parents to guide them through a K-12 education program for their children. The resources available on the Hearthstone website are designed to educate the heart, not only in the principles of reading, writing, and arithmetic but also in the principles of liberty.

LDS Home
Educators Assn. 

Learning by faith and learning from experience are two of the central features of the Father’s plan of happiness. The Savior preserved moral agency through the Atonement and made it possible for us to act and to learn. Lucifer’s rebellion against the plan sought to destroy the agency of man, and his intent was that we as learners would only be acted upon.- Elder David A. Bednar, Increase in Learning, p.3

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Joseph Smith Foundation

Our is an organization focused on supporting and contributing to projects founded in the words of Jesus Christ. Our motto is “Vision in Light of the Restoration”.

Mission Driven Mom

Announcing: Mission Driven Mom’s Academy, opens September 1st

The Mission Driven Mom is a MOVEMENT of mothers who know that God has unique purposes for each of our children AND for us! We are mothers who love, teach, support and mentor each other in the 7 Laws of Life Mission and model mission-driven living for our children!

Wise-Hearted Education

UrbanMormonMom is an LDS Faith, Personal & Family Lifestyle Blog-Website and Fb group, for families working to create a Restored Gospel, Christ centered Environment in their Home.
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The right math experience is challenging, purposeful and fun, while meeting your unique, individual goals and aspirations. Math Inspirations exists to teach students and parents to take ownership of their math experience and empower them with a system to make their efforts fruitful. Engaging math games, true discovery-based, process and concept-driven math, combined with asking the right questions at the right times, is the recipe for taking back math. Here we come math, we are here to rescue you!


The UM is written to inspire a different thinking about science and about how to apply scientific principles during the coming years, destined to provoke thought and arouse the curiosity of not only the science minded, professional and amateur alike, but every individual who simply wants to know how Nature works and why we are such an important part of all the beauty that surrounds us.