My Presentation Notes

On September 24, 2014 I spoke to an audience of mostly college students about increasing curiosity.  Here are my notes: Imagine that you are the friend of Pythagorus …Story of Pythagorus going to Atlantis, finding scalene people…

What does scalene mean?  What does it mean in this context? (answer at the end of presentation)
How is the shape for the number 2 important to you?  Think about this for the next hour.

Why is curiosity so important?  Why is it the buzz word in education right now?  (Ken Robinson)

Write down 10 questions you have about nature….

My professor, John Young, told us that it take him 6 – 8 weeks to get his new students  to start thinking on their own, to ask questions, basic questions.  🙁

The question now is how do we get it back and how do we keep it in our children?

Why is being curious so important?  We need THINKERS, people who can find answers, solve problems, etc.  When a society is created without curiosity there is no more risks, no more questions, no more entrepreneurs, no more independence!

Teach the Bridge to Self Learning (below)

. . .

We want our children to be Great Leaders
“Average leaders raise the bar for themselves
Good leaders raise the bar for others
Great leaders help others raise the bar for themselves”

Share the 13 ways to Increase your Curiosity. (below)

. . . 

Teach the Vesica Pisces

What did you learn about the scalene triangle?  How does it apply in this context?

Encouraging curiosity and thinking, helping children to know that their questions are valid and worth exploring and that they are capable of finding the answers is what is needed in the world and in our homes?

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