September 27th, 2014

We have been trained not to Wonder.  

We have been taught not to ask questions!  

We have poor thinking skills and it’s not that we are incapable, just not trained well!  As young children we were curious and asked many questions. When we received answers that were true but didn’t mean anything we slowly stopped asking questions.  And by the time we are 18 our ability to wonder, ask questions, be curious is gone.  Our hunger for knowledge is practically nonexistent. When our leaders ask us questions we just sit and stare or satisfy them (and ourselves) with cliches, memorized definitions, cute statements or circular definitions. These answers do not prepare for growth, nor do they edify, require thinking or bring understanding.  What can we do to rectify this problem?  

Learn a new skill:   SYMBOLOGY!

Why Symbology?

  • to bring understanding!  
  • It is training on the horizontal (physical) plane that connects with the vertical (spiritual).
  • to increase curiosity 
  • to lead you to more questions

What is symbology?  

  • the study of symbols 
  • learning a true principle and finding it throughout all learning
  • applying real principles to your personal life
  • how to think, think and think again
  • simple and deep, easy and hard reasoning
  • an educational skills of communication and comprehension
  • improving brain development and capacity

More Creativity, More Communication, More Understanding, More Deep Thinking, More Achievement.

What symbology is NOT:  

  • a specific answer, you cannot completely define a symbol
  • a “catch all” answer like “because it’s in the book.”  or “to pass the test.”

“Questions are like fish hooks that answers get hooked on. Questions are what connects us what we want, who we want to be and what we don’t know we want to know.”  Tresta Neil

About the Author Izaak Neil