The Key Pattern of Learning

There are so many learning style and patterns out there.  And there are so many ways of using them.  As I have pondered over these many different ways of learning I would draw diagrams, pictures, write list, etc.  and nothing seemed to stick.  You see I wanted to incorporate everything I loved.  After many years of experimenting I have finally found a great solution.  I call it the Key Pattern of Learning, an LDS companion guide to all learning.
This incorporates the Come, Follow Me Curriculum, the Duty to God program, Symbology and the framework from David A. Bednar’s book, Increase in Learning.   The give and receive cycle, how to recognize and follow the spirit and the importance of celebrating your learning are important and found in this model.

Notice there are two large triangles.

  • The one pointing down represents what God gives to us.
  • The one pointing up represents the action we show toward Him.
  • Together the two triangles create the center hexagon representing the revelation or help we receive in all areas of learning.
  • Just as the hexagon touches all the triangles we learn to reflect, review and record in each area making our learning permanent.
  • The six learning points on the circle creates a cycle and sets “in motion” permanent learning.

    I used pieces of these patterns for years, but as I sought for more symbolism in my teaching and compiled all these patterns of learning, it not only came alive for me but also for my family. Homeschooling was wonderful for my personal education, I gained a new love of learning so naturally I wanted that same desire to be within my children. Still, it felt like I was doing all the learning and the only one enthusiastic about the next project.  Then, I started adding symbols into our learning and my children became enthusiastic about learning! 
   This pattern helps me be a better homeschooler, it has creates an environment where the spirit speaks to each of us all at our level, it is a pattern for finding answers to all types of questions and creates order in our learning.  It brings us closer to God and to each other.  It gives us funny new memories.  For example, while we were learning about the tongue, God’s symbol for language, my younger son asked, “Do you mean when I talk to other people it is like I’m licking them?”  Our entire family burst out laughing for several minutes and it became our new family joke and a permeant learning experience.  These memories and the learning will last forever!

Do you want to know How?  Come to the Keystone Education booth at the LDS Homeschool Conference in August to receive a copy and a worksheet on how to use it.  And you can put your name into a drawing to receive a free copy of The Key Patterns of Learning, an LDS companion guide to all learning.  OR you can leave a reply below, with your name and email address and be added in early!!  🙂

About the Author Izaak Neil