The Second Day of Christmas

On The Second Day of Christmas My Father gave to me . . . 
According to tradition the “two turtle doves” represents the two books of the bible, The Old and New Testaments of Christ. I imagine two identical doves looking at each other. One facing east and  the other facing west. Which in turn reminds me of the Old Testament looking forward to Christ and the New Testament looking back on His life, both pointing to Christ. The Testaments teaches us about Heavenly Father’s Plan and invites us to look to Christ for direction.​

​The second finger is the pointer or direction finger. It is how you show people the way. The word leader means pathfinder, one who helps others find their individual path, but you can only lead others when you know your own way. You must be converted in order to direct and lead. The second finger is two fold, becoming converted and becoming a leader or example for others.
In symbology the number two represents opposites, repentance, polarity, doorway, female, Heavenly Mother, The Fall (second article of faith), The Plan of Happiness. The shape is the  vesica pisces, two equal circles sharing a radius. The Law of Polarity states that for every question or problem there is an equal answer or solution we only need a new view to see it. The vesica pisces forms the shape of an eye inviting us to see the solution and the answers and then we can help others see theirs.

You are “Shod [shoed] with the preparation of the [preparatory] gospel of peace” when you put on the Armor of God. This also deals with direction and the basic gospel principle of faith and repentance. Which way are you feet pointing?

​The pointer finger, the number two, the shape of an eye, shoes, and the scriptures all teaches us about direction and leadership. Which way are you facing? Learn a lesson from the two turtle doves and look to Christ for direction on our individual path.

On the second day of Christmas My Father gave to me two directions.

About the Author Izaak Neil