The Third Day of Christmas

​ On The Third Day of Christmas My Father gave to me . . . 
According to tradition the “three french hens” represents the three’s in the scriptures like faith, hope and charity; or ask, seek and knock. My professor taught me this statement with the threes.
   Ask and ye shall receive faith.
   Seek and ye shall find hope.
   Knock and it shall be opened unto Charity (Christ)

There are many sets of three within the scriptures like the three degrees of glory, another are the offerings found in the Old Testament. They are the SIN offering, BURNT offering and PEACE offering. The sin offering focused on the killing of the sacrifice and the giving up of sin. The burnt offering focused on the burning of the sacrifice and dedicating oneself completely to God. The last offering of peace focused on the giving of the sacrifice (cooked) to others and the sharing of the gospel.

​In symbology the number three represents unity (braid), the creation of the sun, moon and stars, Christ, first born (first 3D shape), The Atonement (third pillar in the Plan and third Article of Faith). The shape is the triangle. Christ is at the top of this triangle looking down, shining light onto our path back to God.

​In body language the third finger on the hand is the middle finger, the tallest of them all. This represents the desires of our hearts, our personal mission. The word ‘desire’ means “of God.” Imagine sitting down with God, before you came to earth, and learning about your mission, the desires you would have. You were excited and couldn’t wait to come and fulfill those desires. Now on earth our desires are clouded with beliefs. You ought to spend a lot more time than you ordinarily do in increasing the volume and intensity of your righteous desires. Ask to see them more clearly, seek to obtain them and knock down all the walls to receive them.

The third zodiac constellation is Scorpius, the Scorpion. With the heroes foot on his head it is the representation of evil being overcome by Christ our Judge. This reminds us that we are all in the same battle against evil together. Are you fulfilling your individual mission in not heeding the temptations of the devil?

The third gift from God is your mission. Everyone is given an overall mission and an individual mission. Everyone has the mission to overcome Satan. Individually, you have a mission to fulfill your desires by increasing your faith and sharing your message of hope and spread the love of God everywhere and with everyone. On the third day of Christmas My Father gave to me,
​ three great desires.

About the Author Izaak Neil